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[S1E6] Running On Empty !FREE!

In the episode, it is the first day back to school for the kids and, at the Dunphy house, Phil oversteps when he misreads how Claire is coping with an empty nest. Over at Jay's, he and Gloria are in disagreement over Manny's interesting choice of outfit for his first day of class. Mitchell and Cameron freak out after Lily gets her first bump on the head.

[S1E6] Running on Empty

With all of the kids out of the house, Phil (Ty Burrell) misreads how Claire (Julie Bowen) is dealing with the empty house, believing she is bored and needs a challenge. In reality, Claire just wants to sit in the house alone and read her book but Phil challenges her to a running race, believing he is faster than she is. At the end of their race, Claire gives up and lets Phil win, knowing that the kids leaving for school was harder on him than it was on her and he needed the win more than she did. While celebrating, Haley hits Phil with the Driver's Ed car.

Hoffman and Fensky take Mike to an abandoned building far from the city. As they exit the car, Mike slides a gun out from between the backseat cushions and stashes it under his jacket - the gun he hid there earlier when he broke into the cruiser. The two cops pull Mike from the car, prop him up against a street lamp, then step away to discuss how to handle the situation. Fensky convinces Hoffman to shoot Mike with the gun they took off him earlier and stage the death as a suicide. Mike, who has only been pretending to be drunk, coolly compliments Fensky on his clever plan. The cops whip around to face him, only to find that Mike has already cocked and aimed his gun. Fensky attempts to fire at Mike, but discovers the gun he took from him is empty. Mike quickly shoots both cops, killing Hoffman. Fensky is able to draw his duty gun and opens fire on Mike, hitting him in the left shoulder. Mike returns fire and hits Fensky in the neck. As he tries to crawl away, Mike slowly walks towards him and steps on his leg, preventing him from reaching for his weapon. Fensky begs for his life, Mike finishes him off by shooting him in the head. He collects Fensky's gun and walks off.

Okay, so who had 'Batwoman rescues a psychopath' on their bingo card? Because I have some big fat empty spaces for 'Batwoman takes down Alice' and 'Batwoman gets a cat out of a tree'. Talk to me, Gotham. Anyone else feeling a little BAT-trayed?

The Store next Door is the storefront next to Bob's Burgers on the opposing side from Mort's It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium. Similar to "It's Your Funeral," this storefront also features clever word play, but unlike the Belchers' long-time steady neighbor Mort, it is a revolving door of businesses, often so temporary the sign is crudely painted on a cloth banner. A different business is shown to occupy this storefront in every episode, and thus it is one of the running gags in the show. The following is a list of these doomed ventures:

Sutter briefs the team on four other wrecks that mimic past crashes that came down to railroad negligence. Charlie and Amita show up to take a look at the note. He puts forward various ways that they could crack the code. A trainspotter comes forward with footage of the crash. David and Terry talk the man. Two men can be seen running through some of the footage. They are the most likely suspects and they track down one of the men based on his license plate number.

It's the first day of school for the families. With all of the kids out of the house, Phil misreads how Claire is dealing with the empty house. Jay and Gloria have a disagreement over Manny's choice of an outfit for his first day of school. Also, Mitchell and Cameron become very upset when they find out that Lily suffered her first bump to the head.

Rick meets with Jenner and thanks him again. He admits to Jenner that he never let on to the others what he really thought, but he knew that they were running out of options before they got to the CDC.

Up in Behaviour, Bernard is examining the bloody Laser Satellite Uplink device taken from the Woodcutter and brought to him by Elsie Hughes. On his asking if she's told anyone about this, she asks him who would she tell about it? It had to have been done by someone *in* Behaviour. She admits that at first she suspected him, but discounted that due to the longevity of his employment at the park, and if he was going to sell them out he would've done it years ago. So rather than their hosts going insane, they are being used for industrial espionage, whether that makes the glass full or half empty she's not sure. As Engineers he says it makes it a situation where the glass has been manufactured to the wrong specifications, which makes her laugh. When he asks if they have any idea what data it was transmitting she says it's smeared all over a rock at Python Pass. The best they can do, she says, is figure out who he was transmitting the information to. But they'd need the exact time he was up there and his geo cache is wiped. Not quite, Bernard shows her. The Woodcutter was an early model, which worked off a Legacy version of the Geo-positioning system. The information is still there, but the newer system can't read it. Meaning, he says to her pointedly it order to access it, he is going to have to go 'downstairs'.

He heads down deep underground to Sub-Level B82, a restricted area to which he has security access. The place is something of a wreck, with leaking ceilings and strobing electrics. The place is empty bar a few sticks of furniture and a lone host, offline, but very Distinctive. But he locates an old terminal and has no trouble logging into the very old system: with it's old-style logo on the sign-in screen. He pairs the terminal systems with his tablet and gets it to project the legacy data against the known data and look for anomalies. Finding not only the Woodcutter not being where it should be, but another 5 out of place in another area, Sector 17. None of which have records / are registered in the new system.

Heading into the Control Room Hub, Bernard and Theresa, up in her office, exchange a brief gaze before he moves to ask a Surveillance tech about the results of an earlier inquiry he sent her. She tells him that, as expected, there was neither guest nor host activity in Sector 17. "As expected?" he queries, and she informs him that Sector 17 is empty, designated off limits for future narrative development. He asks about tech visits to the area, and she checks for him, reporting no visits by the techs to the Sector.

In the Control Room, Stubbs gives out instructions to the Surveillance Techs to keep an eye on Pariah, which is running close to capacity that night. A second later he and everyone else are distracted by liquid pouring down from the mezzanine. Lee Sizemore drunkenly urinating on the map from near Theresa's office. As Stubbs and all the techs stare at him flabbergasted, Sizemore swears vociferously at Ford, his new narrative and the map. Before he has a go at his teetotal Danish boss, who, as unflappable as ever emerges from her office, to ask him if he's filing a complaint? Drawing himself up he slurs that he is "Declaring that this Park is my stage, and I shall do with it what I please." Theresa nods calmly and tells him that this might be a good time to introduce him to Charlotte Hale, the attractive woman from the bar, and the Executive Director of the Parks Board, there on behalf of Delos to oversee certain changes in the Park's administration. Walking towards him with a slight smile, Charlotte glances down at Sizemore' state, "We've met," she tells Theresa as Sizemore, once again humiliated rapidly tucks his genitalia back into his pants.

* Like Walter White, Mike shows a flair for mechanically improvised solutions, here rigging up a knot that allows him to break into the dirty cops' patrol car to plant the gun he would kill them with later (while Fenske was busy trying to kill Mike with the empty gun he took off him earlier). Wonder if Jimmy will ever try to impress him by showing off how he makes the sex robot voice.

Back in TV room, Taystee, Leanne, and Poussey rap battle for dominance. Piper goes into the empty bunks and marvels at the quiet. Red, who is reading in bed, tells her to go away. Piper stops by Alex's bed and smells her pillow longingly. Back in the TV room, the inmates have gotten rowdy and Healy turns the lights off to stop the chaos.

Dara grabs the dagger back and holds it against the doppler's neck. "The man with the winged helmet," says Ciri, referring to Cahir. "Why is he going to so much trouble?" Before the shapeshifter answers, there's a scuffle, Dara is injured, and Ciri runs into the forest. She sure likes running through forests. Then a Nilfgaardian soldier, clad in that weird, organic-looking black armour, grabs her. She wakes up in a room with Cahir looking at her, telling her not to scream. He understands why she's afraid, he says. It was never his intention to torment her.

As Lana makes her way to the cargo hold, she runs into Archer, who is running to change into his turtleneck, refusing to defuse a bomb in a suit. He tells Lana to grab the newly arrived Kraus, labeling him as the bomber. Kraus claims to know nothing about the bomb and conveys offense to the accusation due to his appearance, then revealing that he received the scar while saving a Jewish girl from a gang of skinheads. Lana is ashamed but asks Kraus to disarm the bomb anyway.

Appearing contrite, Stromwell agrees to hand over files incriminating himself and Thorne to Batman. But at the empty office he leads Batman to, Stromwell slips him a stack of dummy files, and uses his distraction to grab a gun, saying he won't go down so easily. Once he's finished with Thorne, he'll "rescue" Joey from the rehab center. Suddenly a tear gas grenade comes soring through the window and they are both attacked by Thorne and his gang. 041b061a72


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