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NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pet Food Institute states that the commercial pet food industry started in the United States in 1860 with the production of the first commercially prepared and distributed dog biscuit. The industry diversified in the 1930s with the introduction of canned horse meat and again in the 1950s when dry commercial pet foods were made available for a variety of house pets. Today, commercially sold and distributed pet food has grown to an annual $25 billion industry, according to American Pet Products Association. "While some pet food companies make these billions, pets are not receiving the nutrition they need to be active and healthy," explains Will Post, CEO and founder of Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp. "In fact, much of what you find in pet food stores and online retailers can actually lead to pet health problems."

hound and gatos cat food buy online

You can purchase Hound & Gatos pet food at all the popular online pet food retailers, such as Chewy, Amazon, and PetSmart. Their products are also available at select physical pet food stores, but they are not widely stocked.

Hound & Gatos cat food is available across the United States and Canada. You can find the products at chain stores like Walmart and Target, specialty pet stores, and online stores like Chewy, Petco and PetSmart. 041b061a72


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