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Ladik's MPQ Editor Full Version

someone my map bugged out and every single imported file i have (i got a solid 100 of them LOL) wont load in properly. ive retstart pc. force closed editor. closed it. reopened. blah blah. nothig works. how do i use this to bulk re-add all the models/icon files i imported all at once?

Ladik's MPQ Editor full version

Download File:

Now that all these files are extracted, you can open them with a text editor (Right Click, "Open With"), as double-clicking on them usually opens them in Internet Explorer and copy the unit, ability, model, etc. data that you want. I'm not going to cover this part in the tutorial however. Each data type (Ability, or Model, for example) has its very own XML file. AbilData.xml is the XML file for Abilities. You can also open the editor and check what you have to copy, for say, the Spectre. All its abilities, upgrades, etc. So this works well to replace the need for having a second editor open, which is not possible so far on the same computer.

I made a mod file with 7 files in it (default mod, didn't change anything, just created it in the editor and saved it).When I open it with the MPQ editor, I want to copy all the campaign SC2 data (53 XML files) to make it into a mod.I make a new folder (Base.SC2Data), and inside that, another new folder (GameData), like in the Liberty.SC2campaign file, so I can add the WoL campaign stuff into this mod manually, without the editor. Problem is, I can only add 8 files inside the SC2 mod. It keeps telling me that "there is not enough space on the disk", yet my hard disk has plenty of free disk space (about 1tb out of 1.5tb).

EDIT: Nevermind, it's the hash file. I managed to create a new MPQ, rename its filetype to SC2mod, and the editor can read that as it would read a normal mod. Now I just need to test it with the actual campaign files instead of a quick mod I did.

Unfortunately that isn't my problem, I haven't opened up the SC2 editor since last turning on my computer and I just checked in the processes in the windows task manager anyway and it hasn't been running at all.

Hello. I am having problems using the editor, I'm not quite sure if I'm doing this properly and I have been searching for a while without luck. I want to use the MPQ editor to add exported data from other maps. It doesn't seem to work at all.

You'll need two programs - MPQ Editor and table editor, also with the MPQ editor you'll need the 1.13C (assuming that is the version you are running) listfile - this means the MPQ editor can understand each file in the patch MPQ. All of this can be downloaded from Phrozen Keep.

1) Download all programs, take a backup of your patch file2) Open up Ladik's MPQ editor, select your patch file and list file. This will give you a list of all the files available inside the patch3) Once file is opened, navigate to: data/global/excel4) Look for files: tressureclass and tressureclassex5) Open these in the table editor6) Look for the column named 'NoDrop'7) Change all numbers in this column to 08) Copy the whole data folder to your LOCAL Diablo II (not on the server, somewhere you can boot D2)9) Find the shortcut you use to boot D2 from (mine is Diablo II.exe), right-click on the exe and go to properties10) Amend the file path to have -direct -txt (this will bypass the patch MPQ and use the files inside the data folder)11) Enter a game. If no errors - we're good to go!12) Package up the MPQ again using the MPQ editor13) Test the patch file again, if no errors or anything then you can place it on your server!


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