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Tacticsmanager18code !!HOT!!

What is Tacticsmanager18code and Why You Need It

If you are a soccer coach, you know how important it is to plan your practices, tactics and sessions in a clear and effective way. You want to create drills that challenge your players, improve their skills and prepare them for the game. You also want to share your ideas with your team members, colleagues and other coaches.


But how do you do that? How do you create professional-looking diagrams that illustrate your coaching points? How do you save, print and export your practices and sessions? How do you manage your files and folders? How do you access your work from any device?

The answer is Tacticsmanager18code. Tacticsmanager18code is a soccer coaching software that enables you to create your own practices, tactics and sessions in a quick and easy way. It has all the features you need to visualize your coaching ideas, plan your sessions and share them with others.

The Features of Tacticsmanager18code

Tacticsmanager18code has many features that make it the most advanced and user-friendly soccer coaching software on the market. Here are some of them:

  • 43 Pitch Planning Angles: You can choose from different pitch types, sizes and angles, including 3D and 2D options, grids, circles and player eye level views.

  • 128 Players Actions and 160 Goalkeeper Actions: You can select from a variety of player and goalkeeper actions, such as walk, jog, run, receive, pass, shoot, catch, dive, throw, kick and more. You can also rotate, scale and change the colors of the players and goalkeepers.

  • Equipment (practices and conditioning): You can add balls, cones, goals, poles, hurdles, speed ladders, speed rings and mannequins to your diagrams. You can also rotate, scale and change the colors of the equipment.

  • Line Tools: You can draw different types of lines, arrows, curves and shapes to show the movement and direction of the players and the ball. You can change the line thickness, arrow head size, color and style.

  • Pitch Options and Zoom in / Out: You can zoom in on any pitch area to focus on the details. You can also switch on/off the pitch lines and goals. You can change the pitch grass stripes to vertical, horizontal, plain or Futsal blue.

  • Session Planner: You can quickly and easily plan your sessions by adding 1, 2, 3 or 4 diagram practices per page. You can save, edit, view and print your sessions in full or partial color.

  • Save Drills & Sessions to PDF: You can save your drills, tactics, team line-ups and sessions to PDF files (full or partial color). You can print the PDF files, email them, upload them and share them with your team members.

Add Training and Match Notes: To accompany your practices, you can add training notes such as name, age/level,

  • Your Coach Info Included with PDF's: You can include your coach information, such as name, email, phone number and logo, with all your saved drills and sessions to PDF's.

  • Save Diagrams to JPEG: You can save your practice and tactics diagrams to JPEG files. You can print the JPEG files, email them, import them into other programs like Word or PowerPoint, upload them and share them with your team members.

  • Copy, Paste, Undo... Super Quick! You can copy and paste any object to make creating practices lightning quick. You can also undo any mistake you make.

  • Group + Layer Objects: You can group and layer objects to create complex diagrams. You can also lock and unlock objects to prevent accidental changes.

  • Square and Circle Highlighter Tools: You can use square and circle highlighter tools to emphasize certain areas or players on the pitch.

  • Text and Speech Bubble Tool: You can add text and speech bubbles to your diagrams to explain your coaching points or instructions.

  • Easy File and Folder Management: You can easily create, rename, delete and organize your files and folders. You can also backup, export and import your files.

  • Multiple Languages: You can choose from different languages for the interface and the PDF exports.

  • De-activate & Activate on Other PC/Mac: You can de-activate Tacticsmanager18code on one device and activate it on another device using your product key.

The Benefits of Tacticsmanager18code

Tacticsmanager18code is not only a powerful and versatile soccer coaching software, but also a great tool to improve your coaching skills and results. Here are some of the benefits of using Tacticsmanager18code:

  • Save Time and Effort: With Tacticsmanager18code, you can create your own practices, tactics and sessions in minutes. You don't need to spend hours drawing diagrams by hand or using complicated software. You can also reuse your existing work by editing or copying it.

  • Increase Your Creativity: With Tacticsmanager18code, you can unleash your creativity and experiment with different ideas. You can try different pitch angles, player actions, equipment and line tools. You can also get inspired by the examples and tips provided by Tacticsmanager18code.

  • Enhance Your Communication: With Tacticsmanager18code, you can communicate your coaching ideas more clearly and effectively. You can use visual aids to show your players what you want them to do. You can also share your work with other coaches and get feedback or suggestions.

  • Boost Your Professionalism: With Tacticsmanager18code, you can show your professionalism and credibility as a soccer coach. You can create high-quality diagrams that look professional and impressive. You can also include your coach information and logo on your PDF exports.

  • Improve Your Performance: With Tacticsmanager18code, you can improve your performance as a soccer coach. You can plan your sessions better and achieve your objectives more easily. You can also monitor your progress and evaluate your results.

How to Get Tacticsmanager18code

If you are interested in getting Tacticsmanager18code, you have three options to choose from:

  • Free Trial: You can try Tacticsmanager18code for free with no time limit. You can use it on two desktops (PC/Mac) or one tablet (iPad/Android). You can save up to 20 practices or 2 sessions. You can export to PDF and JPEG (low quality). You can also use cloud saving for up to 20 practices or 2 sessions across all devices.

  • Pro: You can buy Tacticsmanager18code for $89 (one time only cost) with free updates for life. You can use it on two desktops (PC/Mac) or one tablet (iPad/Android). You can save unlimited practices and sessions. You can export to PDF and JPEG (high quality). You also get priority life-time support. You also have the option to purchase and manage additional coach users for $38 each.

  • Pro + Premier: You can buy Tacticsmanager18code Pro plus Premier subscription for $99 (save $20). You get all the Pro features plus unlimited cloud saving across all devices. You also get to add your logo replacing Tactics Manager on practices and sessions exported to PDF. More features will be added soon.

To get started with Tacticsmanager18code, you just need to download the installer from the website Once installed, you need to select your language, accept the terms and conditions, enter your product key (if you have one) or choose the free trial option. Then you are ready to create your own practices, tactics and sessions with Tacticsmanager18code! 6c859133af


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