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[S6E6] Firing Line

So, when Jo said she didn't know anything about the Lawrence Christopher case, Darren Hunter's involvement, or what Gail Vella was looking into... well, we were inclined to believe her, despite the fact that Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) didn't.

[S6E6] Firing Line

In particular, we're thinking about how freaked-out Jo Davidson was by any mention of "H" or "the Fourth Man" during her interrogation. When Ted commanded her to tell him who ultimately gives the orders, she broke from her usual "no comment" line to say something more revealing: "I can't. I'm sorry."

In case you didn't get a chance to read that email from Occupational Health in full, here it is, with the subject line "FINAL WARNING": "As you have failed to attend your compulsory appointment, you are hereby notified that, unless you attend a Medical Review within 5 working days, we will have no choice but to recommend you be suspended from duty and receive a Yellow Notice under Police Conduct Regulations."

Or maybe we should expect fewer mini crossovers? After all, we haven't had any so far. At least the offhanded mentions of Chicago Med and Chicago PD characters let us know the #OneChicago universe was still intact -- along with Gabby's hilariously meta line.

Savre gained attention early on as a teenager in The WB's drama Summerland, and then for her standout roles in the NBC drama Heroes and as the lead in MTV's 2007 scripted series, Kaya. She also starred in The CW's Supernatural spinoff, Bloodlines, and in the RJ Cutler-directed pilot, Four Stars, for CBS. Most recently, Savre played the lead of Tyler Perry's comedy series Too Close to Home for two seasons. Other notable performances include Bring It On: All or Nothing, Boogeyman 2 and a multi-episode arc on Blue Bloods. She recently completed lead roles in several independent films, including the Black List screenplay Adulterers and Wild About Harry, which won the Best of the Fest Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

At Lux, Lucifer tells Rory that it was foolish of him to recreate all the milestones of her life, when clearly Chloe celebrated them spectacularly. To this end, he's decided to follow the same advice Maze and Linda gave him. Lucifer believes that he should give Rory the things on he can give her, so he's decided to hold a party. Suddenly music and lights come on and people come out. Lucifer explains Rory's friends haven't been born, but Maze is there; with a pseudo-cake tower filled with glasses and bottles of rum. Rory chats with Maze, whom tells Rory that Lucifer is at least doing something Lilith never did for her or the Lilim, and that's make it up to her. She also adds that regardless of their species, men arent as evolved as women. Maze reveals she picked the wait staff so Rory can have her pick for all after-party fun. Lucifer starts singing "You Got It" to convey his feelings and reveal a motorcycle as a gift to Rory. He wonders if Rory is not liking what he did, to which Rory tells him that he can't fix things as the damage he did. A dejected Lucifer notes he can't mojo her, to which she asks him to say the line for an honest answer. She wants him to leave her alone. As Rory leaves, Maze assures Lucifer it was a good party; giving him some comfort.

The episode begins with Doctor Princess examining Finn's flower arm, which is seen dull and has wilted some petals. He said that he had been drinking pickle juice a lot, so Doctor Princess told him to switch back to water. After this, she asks him how is he feeling, to which he replies he doesn't feel anything and slumps out of the bed. Doctor Princess tells that that's the reason and also that because his dad took his arm, his flower is starting to wilt and he is falling into depression. She tells him to have fun for the flower to continue its growth. Finn asks if she would like to go with him to Crab Princess' party, to which she confusedly asks: "As a date?" Finn says yes, but she declines, saying she doesn't date her patients. Finn then walks out of the hospital.

Carina was already at and around Grey Sloan Memorial during "Thunderstruck," meaning she would have been present if someone found Maya and had her transported to the hospital. That crossover would have created an even deeper connection between the shows and allowed their characters to interact with more than a few passing lines. And it wouldn't have sacrificed either cliffhanger. Like the outcome of the fire at Meredith's house, Maya's well-being could still have remained a mystery until Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy return in 2023.

Arya is watching the second half of the mummers' performance of The Bloody Hand in which the caricature version of Tyrion poisons his nephew and murders his father. She displays amusement at the rendition of Joffrey's painful death, while the crowd watches mournfully. She then seems moved by Lady Crane's performance as Cersei. She notices Bianca (the actress playing Sansa) mouthing Lady Crane's lines, possibly reinforcing Arya's hunch that Bianca is behind the Faceless Men's order for Lady Crane's death.

At the Twins, Walder Frey receives word that Riverrun is lost, retaken by Brynden Tully. He is flabbergasted, blaming his sons for allowing the Blackfish to escape the Red Wedding. Despite having superior numbers, Lothar Frey and Walder Rivers inform their father that Houses Mallister and Blackwood have risen against House Frey and the Brotherhood Without Banners are rallying the smallfolk and raiding their supply lines and camps. Walder demands that the Tully stronghold be taken back, refusing to be humiliated for failing to hold a castle from rebels. He decides to use his trump card to force their surrender: Edmure Tully, held as a prisoner of the Freys since the Red Wedding. Walder brings him into his hall and jokingly tells his son-in-law to cheer up as he is going home.

At Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, Howard meets with his private investigator, who gives him a photo of Jimmy withdrawing $20,000 from the bank, making Howard suspicious of what Jimmy plans next. Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Cliff convinces Kim to go to a luncheon with him to bring the Jackson Mercer Foundation, a non-profit legal group, to New Mexico. Kim meets with Jimmy at his office while he and his camera crew dress up a Rand Casimiro impersonator. She lets him know of the news about the Jackson Mercer Foundation luncheon but has misgivings due to the luncheon being on "D-Day". Jimmy assures her that nothing will go wrong with her away from the operation. Meanwhile, in Germany, Casper, a former member of Werner's team, chops wood outside his house as Lalo arrives. Sensing danger, Casper runs away but gets caught off guard and knocked out by Lalo with an axe, who prepares to interrogate him. "D-Day" finally arrives, and Kim and Jimmy go their separate ways, with Kim going to the luncheon, and Jimmy buying a celebratory bottle of Zafiro Añejo before the operation. While buying the bottle, Jimmy finds the real Rand Casimiro in the checkout line with a cast on his left arm. Jimmy realizes without a cast on, Rand Casimiro's impersonator can't be passed off as genuine, and calls Kim about the situation, who speeds back to Albuquerque. ("Axe and Grind")

St. Marq needs to be served a big steaming cup of "shut the fuck up". Am sick to death of hearing him go on and on about how amazing he is and then it doesn't show up in his tattooing. He should have been down at the bottom since the challenge was line work and his was nearly devoid of any real lines. The ones at the bottom at least tried to do lines and didn't duck the challenge.

My personal favorite was Erik's, but I can't argue with Mark winning (I just didn't love the colors). Most of the others had some serious flaws and few came close to hitting the mark of being a good example of traditional Japanese tattooing. As far as Kito goes... he got totally screwed. I had issues with the design but his canvas was a disaster. This had train wreak written all of it and I think that whoever got her would have been equally trashed. My bottom picks would have been St. Marq (for the total lack of line work), Kito, Marisa and maybe Dave and going by the rules, since this was a linework challenge specifically, the one who did almost no lines would lose out to those who did lines and maybe didn't do them as well as they could have. St. Marq would be gone.

I'm not overly irked about the artists complaining about having to work on difficult body parts or canvases with skin imperfections because they do making doing their best work more difficult. This is a contest, after all, and stretch marks make getting clean lines and color saturation more challenging. If the had their choice, they of course would want pristine, smooth skin to work on (preferably in a nice open body spot and on a canvas with high pain tolerance levels so they don't have to deal with squirming or complaining). And this lot is inclined to bitch about everything so I just tune the stretch mark complaint out.

I liked the flash challenge. Sometimes the show does a great job coming up with flash challenges that are tattoo related without actually tattooing. I liked that carving lines in clay was all about linework. I was pleasantly surprised to see that so many of the contestants did so well.

When colleague and friend Eric Delko is critically injured in the line of duty, Ryan and Calleigh Duquesne go to the hospital to give him blood, though they learn that it is too late for transfusions due to the sheer amount of blood loss. Ryan and the others then take turns at his bedside before going out to catch the perpetrators. Wolfe becomes angry and almost resorts to near-violence when they discover Eric's shooter, but manages to pull himself together ("Man Down"). 041b061a72


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