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AVIA Scan2CAD Pro 8.2e - The Pirate Bay

so with the basic interface, youre now ready to familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts, revit commands, and the best tools and workflow functions. lets start off with the main workspace, as it is one of the most important aspects of the revit interface. there are three panes in this workspace: the model, the tools, and the drawing pane. the model pane shows all the 3d objects that are in the model. the tool pane has all the necessary and common tools such as solids and dimensions. the drawing pane is the right-hand side of the workspace, and its purpose is to display the current drawing. we will go through each of these individually. if youre using the tablets version of revit, the workspace is redesigned to showcase the data collection tool in the workspace. to show the drawing pane, you simply need to navigate to view > drawing pane. to begin the drawing, simply choose the initial view from the flyout. the options available to you are as follows: from the view menu, select freehand, ortho, or 3d model. the ortho is the default, and is probably the most common way to make use of the drawing. however, the ortho view is limited when it comes to measuring objects. in addition, the ortho view is best for representational drawings, and is not a great choice for precision work. for these reasons, you should probably use the 3d model view. when using the 3d model, the first thing you need to consider is the way that you want to work with your 3d models, whether by just viewing them or using them for design work. the view could be orthographic, with perspective being the second option. you can switch views as you need. for example, it may be the best to work with the 3d model in orthographic view for representational work, and switch to 3d orthographic view when designing with precision. the first view that you want to see is the dynamic top and dynamic bottom views. lets make sure we have dynamic top view selected. the dynamic top view is used for viewing and manipulating the 3d model in the z axis, meaning that what you see is what you get, and what you see is what you measure. it is similar to a perspective view, and is the most accurate view for measuring dimensions and comparing objects within the model. if youre new to this view, you may want to start by using the snapping options. there are four ways to snap: top snap to top most snap to top bottom snap to bottom most snap to bottom center snap to center current snap to current if youre familiar with any other perspective view, these options shouldnt be too different. if youre more comfortable using the 2d interface, you can also use the dynamic top view. the 2d view is the best choice when youre using revit for fine details. in this view, you can scroll the view to get the perspective that you want. but if youre used to using 2d views in a different cad software package, you will probably be more comfortable working with the 3d view.

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