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The length of time a generator is allowed to accumulate hazardous waste on site will vary depending on how much hazardous waste it generates in a calendar month. A large quantity generator (LQG) can accumulate hazardous waste on site for up to 90 days in specified units without obtaining a storage permit or interim status, provided the facility complies with Part 262 management standards for specific units (section 262.17). A small quantity generator (SQG) can accumulate up to 6,000 kg of hazardous waste for 180 days or less in tanks or containers if the facility complies with the modified standards in section 262.16. An SQG can accumulate hazardous waste for up to 270 days if the treatment, storage, or disposal facility is 200 miles or more away (sections 262.16(d)). Generators can receive a 30-day extension for accumulation of hazardous waste if uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances cause them to accumulate waste on site for longer than the allowed time period. Such an extension may be granted by a Regional Administrator or authorized state on a case-by-case basis (sections 262.16(d) and 262.17(b)).



The final step in the nuclear fuel cycle is the collection of spent fuel assemblies from the interim storage sites for final disposition in a permanent underground repository. The United States currently has no permanent underground repository for high-level nuclear waste. 041b061a72


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