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[S3E19] Election Day !!EXCLUSIVE!!

The all important election day has arrived and the whole family rallies for some last minute campaigning - Mitchell and Cam ride around in a 'Vote for Claire' mobile, the Dunphy house is campaign central with everyone manning phones and soliciting votes, and Claire does some last minute interviews -- with a few technical difficulties.

[S3E19] Election Day

It's Election Day for Claire for the town council. Everybody is pulling out all the stops. Phil is even videotaping the entire day, because he knew twenty years ago when Claire was a young, budding...never mind. Mitchell and Cameron are going all out for Claire; they even put placards and a giant speaker on their car and are driving around the neighborhood. Although their catchphrases need some work, like "we're here, we're Claire, get used to it!", it works really well in shaming a litterbug into picking up his trash or a "dragon tattoo" girl to not jaywalk. Speaking of Jay, he's proud to bring Gloria and Manny down to vote, only he turns around right away. Still, that beats the reporter who asked Claire whom she was voting for in the election. And suddenly she's lacking a bit of confidence.

But are you, the Designated Survivor viewer, copacetic with how Kirkman won the election and stayed in office? Or did he cross a line that colors your view of him moving forward (into any potential Season 4)? Cast your vote in this poll, then let the debate rage below!

The historic New Hanover County Courthouse, 24 North Third Street, is where the show's cast hung out during season one's filming of Keith and Lucas' car crash scenes at the corner of Third and Princess. Courthouse interiors were used during an election rally.

Sheen: Up until his death, the Republican was going to win the election. Jimmy Smits would be defeated and that wonderful actor Alan Alda would win. But with John's death they said no and, against history, the Democrats would continue.

Representing President Bartlet's final year in office, Season 7 of "The West Wing" frequently dealt with the election of his successor. By the end of "Election Day: Part 1," it still was not clear whether that successor would be Republican Sen. Arnold Vinick, played by Alan Alda, or Democratic Rep. Matt Santos. Those who watched the show already know who came out on top, but the race made for quite the nail-biter back in 2006.

President Bartlet appeared on the re-election campaign trail in "20 Hours in America: Part 1." After returning to the White House following a speech in Indiana, he had no shortage of problems waiting for him, including a domestic terrorist attack and accusations of his involvement in the assassination of a Qumari defense minister. Left behind in Indiana were Toby, Josh, and Josh's senior assistant Donna Moss, played by Janel Moloney. The trio set out to seek help from a farmer's daughter and a young campaign volunteer as they journeyed across the state, bickering like elitists along the way.

Nothing captures the competitive nature of politics quite like an intense debate, and Season 4's "Game On" saw President Bartlet seeking re-election and squaring off against Gov. Robert Ritchie. Rather than hide his supposed elitism, Bartlet used it to his advantage, taking Richie to task on issues like education, taxes, and states' rights. Back at the White House, Leo and attorney Jordon Kendall, played by Joanna Gleason, mediated the ongoing conflict between Israel and Qumar while simultaneously exploring a romantic treaty of their own.

With its sky-high IMDb rating of 9.7, Season 2's "Two Cathedrals" grabs the #1 spot on this list. The acclaimed episode focuses on POTUS as he was preoccupied with the sudden death of Mrs. Landingham, as well as his pending announcement to the public regarding his MS diagnosis. The other question on everyone's minds during this episode was whether Bartlet would run for reelection. Featured in the episode is a famous sequence in which POTUS stands alone in a cathedral, questioning the almighty's mysterious ways. 041b061a72


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